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I am what you can call a people kind of guy. I love people. I love interacting with people and getting to know them, building relationships and enjoying even the challenges that come with that. So when the opportunity arises to capture those people through the lens, I’ll look for ways to interact with them, but more importantly, look for ways the viewer will be able to share the same moment. I want you to see character, connection, intrigue, be fascinated.

I am available for bookings to take your portrait, whether that’s a professional headshot for your Linkedin, a family portrait with the children, or grandparents. Perhaps you are an aspiring or established musician, actor etc. after promotional images, contact me for your next photoshoot.

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Matt Hards Wedding Photographer in Huddersfield West Yorkshire
Stunning portrait shot
Shot at Mainshoot Studios.
Shot at Mainshoot Studio.
Matt Hards Wedding Photographer in Huddersfield West Yorkshire
Matt Hards Wedding Photographer in Huddersfield West Yorkshire
Matt Hards Wedding Photographer in Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Great people and photos go together

The reason I first decided to by a big boys camera, (not that I’m against camera-phones etc) was to capture those moments when my little girl just shines, when I see her growing and learning, experiencing new things, picking up new toys, presenting me with her school report which she’s so proud of.  Yeah, you get it, I’m a soppy dad. The point is that too many moments of peoples lives fly by so fast they are easy to miss. But family life, friendships, special moments are photographic gold!

In 2015 I took the plunge into working alongside models. Be it in the great outdoors or in a well equipped studio full of light diffusers and elinchromes. Something that intimidated me at first working with experienced models was not knowing how to direct them, not understanding the role they play in making  a great picture. The truth is, you work as a team. You share your ideas, the model will do what they do best, as will I. Before long you’re both sat looking at the back of the camera with a face full of pride.

From friends and family, to models through to artists. I have worked with local musicians Eskar, Daddy Abe, Watson G, Irn Mnky and Spida Lee to create contemporary promotional images for use with their music releases. If you have an upcoming project or would simply like to create poster like images featuring your self, I’m your guy!

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