Bryony and Daniel at The Spread Eagle, Sawley

Feb 10, 2019

Wedding Photography in Sawley

Weddings at The Spread Eagle Hotel

Just before the winter scotch came out to give the Christmas festivities a warm welcome, December had one more trick up it’s sleeve for me.

I rose early to drive over to Holmfirth to pick up James Anthony who was to assist me for the day over in Sawley, Lancashire at The Spread Eagle Hotel. James and I were looking forward to a Christmas vibe, baubles on trees, fairy lights on doorways etc. but also for the rustic theme that had been decided upon by a bride and groom with excellent taste!

We arrived in Sawley. It was cold, the sky was partially blue and the trees were getting shaken by the baltic breeze. But The Spread Eagle is a sight to behold.

Positioned just to the side of the River Ribble, the old rustic building covered in ivy is beautiful. Old timber in full view throughout made the place especially photographic. Today, the river was high and wild and in full view from the ceremony room.

We arrived early, to take in the views before joining the Bride and company for the bridal prep. Jade Leigh was the Hair stylist on the day, while Make up by Frankie, from Heywood, both made the bride and bridesmaids look amazing, stunning job!

One of the benefits of an early arrival, I get to explore the building, it’s nooks and crannies, it’s unique feathures, the layout for the day etc. The nerd in me prevailed at this point when I noticed the chairs laid out for the guests as pictured below.

The ‘LOVE’ standing lettering was switched on and illuminated and offered a unique opportunity for the ring shot, we also used the lighting from the letters for pictures of the brides wedding sneakers. There was an awesome and very pretty lighting set up behind the alter consisting of these fantastic hanging bare bulbs. A terrible description no doubt, but I am a photographer and not a linguist after all. They looked great throughout the day and even better at night. All illuminations were credit to Typical Type Bespoke Lighting.

The bride and bridemaids were spread over three rooms, with hair, make up and trying on dresses ongoing. I tried to spend time with everyone throughout the morning.  It was lovely being inside, as later in the morning hail storms came.

Rolands Florist based in Rawtenstall gave the day an extra bit of special with such beautiful flowers at every turn. I have to say, red roses in bouquets are my favourite. I loved the simplicity of the wedding cake, the pine cones and cinnamon pods were a lovely touch, so another well deserved shout out must go to Coppice Cupcakes.

During the actual ceremony, the bride and groom faced a huge window, behind me, bringing in lots of lovely natural light. Guests were treated to a huge rainbow over the fast-flowing and overly full river outside.

After the ceremony, between the hail, the rain and wind gusts, we headed outside to take the group pictures. The sun was being wierd, hiding and coming back out again then changing the lighting from warm to cool. Afterwards, we strolled 20 metres up the road to take the bride and groom portraits at Sawley Abbey.

To end the year in such a beautiful location with such an amazing couple was a real treat, and we wish Daniel and Bryony all the best for the coming years together.





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