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Shot at Mainshoot Studio.

Shot at Mainshoot Studio.

Creative portraiture. I love it.

There’s a creative outlet there and it’s a goldmine of opportunity to create special images. This year I joined the hugely popular Purpleport networking site for models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists etc in order to find new subjects, learn new styles, techniques and just to challenge myself really.

What great experiences have followed! First there was a shoot planned with a local model, who couldn’t find a chaperone for the day so cancelled on me. That was a downer, but fortunately the nature of Purpleport meant I could put up a casting call and get a new model at very short notice! And so I got to shoot the lovely Eleanor in the now demolished old sports centre grounds in Huddersfiled. Windy day, rain, softbox. great combination….broke a flash, umbrella, softbox and hotshoe mount in one unfortunate second! But I loved the pictures!

Zuzana Flare header

Since then I have enjoyed the peaceful and warm conditions of Brighouse based Mainshoot Studio owned by Ian Marshall. Coffee on tap, great models hired and fellow photographers sharing ideas and techniques. Here I have learnt a little bit more about lighting effects and how to interact with a model. There’s a world of difference between shooting a friend who you have to direct, and shooting an experienced model who changes pose with every click!

Matt Hards Wedding Photographer in Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Stunning portrait shot

Matt Hards Wedding Photographer in Huddersfield West Yorkshire

I will add many more fashion/model portfolio images in the coming months, with my confidence and creative juices flowing, that itch just won’t go away!

Shot at Mainshoot Studio.

Shot at Mainshoot Studio.



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