The Wedding of Paula and Richard

Jun 2, 2018 | Lifestyle, weddings

On saturday just gone, I headed over to the sunny sights of Bradford to capture the joining together of Paula and Richard at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church. Joining me as second photographer was James Anthony.

I first met the couple a few weeks ago, when I visited their home. As we chatted, we discussed how I usually work, the types of things I focus on in on a wedding day. Paula said she was particularly interested in the candid images, a documentary type of storytelling to their day, but also recognised that there are always relatives who expect the formal type of posed images.  Both the bride and groom feel awkward posing for pictures and it can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

In the end we agreed that a mixed approach would be just the ticket and I promised to do all that I can to make the difficult bits, less difficult and more fun.

The formal photos with the immediate family and bridal party were done inside the church where the couple have a strong connection and being a rather lovely place too it seemed like a great idea. The sun was high and bright and would make for dark shadows on the faces. With a bounced flash on the camera and some whitish walls all around, it made for some easy work. With a little sarcasm, slapstick and clear direction, this set of pic flew by with no issues. The family and Bride and groom enjoyed them and breezed through it, no matter the reservations.

From there we headed over to Gomersal Park Hotel. 

Surrounded by luscious greenery, trees, shrubberies, even some water, is a beautiful wedding venue and spar. My time here would be short, just enough to take pictures of the cake and details, the speeches and few with the Bride and Groom in the  grassy areas.

This really was a splendid day



Paula&Richard Previews MH-28

Paula&Richard Previews MH-33

Paula&Richard Previews MH-66

Paula&Richard Previews MH-71

Paula&Richard Previews MH-75

Paula&Richard Previews MH-131

Paula&Richard Previews MH-154

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