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Jul 10, 2016 | Fashion, Featured, Lifestyle, Music, portraits, promotional


“With great photography comes great responsibility”  anon.

Ok so thats not a real quote, I just love Spiderman! Had to squeeze something in somewhere…

From time to time I will venture a little beyond photography into the more creative design area. Having been involved with the local music scene one way or another since the late 90’s I have developed friendships with many artists, some of whom really like some of my pictures and have then gone onto ask if I can provide artwork for album covers, adverts etc.  Who am I to say no?

The image directly below what the base art for Daddy Abe’s ‘From Alpha to Omega’ LP.  Daddy Abe is a hip-hop artist with strong Roots flavour, reggae influences infused through every track.  Abe asked me to bring something modern, perhaps futuristic and elemental. Tall ask. The picture I chose was a landscape image of Huddersfield Zeneca (Former ICI) after sunset. The industrial buildings illuminated with their own lights, the photo itself taken as a long exposure.  I manipulate the landscape to turn it into a globe, in Photoshop, and made several colour changes to create a warmth and colours to match the Roots feel as required. I then added a lens flare for JJ Abrams Effect!


ESKAR is another up and coming artist from Huddersfield. When I say up and coming, I mean he’s quickly becoming a festival favourite, working with Hiphop legends such as Jurassic 5 and Irn Mnky who has featured music on mainstream US TV!  ESKAR also makes a pretty good model and loves getting involved in a photoshoot!

Last year we travelled out to Brimham Rocks to take pictures for his ‘Zip it Shut‘ LP. We started out, first things first with a mammoth breakfast at Weatherspoons. Naturally.  ESKAR had brought along  a gas mask for a prop and was dressed in a very nice suit for effect.  Below is one of my favourite images. You are forgiven for thinking this could be anywhere. Truth is, when I underexposed this image I liked how the small amount of light added drama a particular style, so I emphasized it. I will add more from this shoot another day.


mask tilt (1 of 1)


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